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1527 N Ashland Ave
Chicago, IL  60622-2228
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Mon-Fri: 12pm - 7pm
Sat: 11am - 5pm
Sun: closed

sells used bikes?: yes
sells used parts?: yes
offers Active Transportation Alliance discount?: yes
offers rentals?: yes

Shop formerly on Halsted, just north of North Ave. Joe, the proprietor, moved it to the current location around 2003.

Brands sold:
Miele, Biria, Worksman, Heron and Bernardi frames. Some Higher end Reconditioned bikes.

Minimal clothes & shoes. Other normal stuff from Avocet, Bell, Cateye, Jandd, Trelock, Zefal, etc.

Offers frame straightening & repair.

Excellent Service.
Loads of experience working on older French (and EU/American) bicycles.

This shop was last sent an information update request on November 28, 2009; but the last time they responded to a request was June 24, 2006.



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vYqyxvaWoGSPMReYN - from: '' - Rating: 4/5 - 24-Apr-16
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SRAM red 10 speed cassette - from: '' - Rating: 3/5 - 28-Mar-16
I have just purchased a bike which has 10 speed sram red , I am looking to purchase a 11/32 cassette and I believe I need a medium cage deralliuer , is this right ? Do you sell what I need ? How much delivered to Australia if you have what I need .
Kind regards
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Highly Recommended - from: '' - Rating: 5/5 - 19-Jan-15
Joe is the very best. A very knowledgeable and kind man, with a great retail and service snipe for real cyclists. If it needs maintaining or fixing, Joe can do it.
Signed, one happy customer.
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used/cheap bike parts - from: '' - no rating given - 09-Oct-12
I need parts for my bike - derailer, rear wheel, pedal, but, don't want to spend big bucks. Do you have parts, acessories used in good condition? If not do you know where?
Thank You
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Quick Release - from: '' - Rating: 5/5 - 01-Mar-11
This is, and always has been, one of the best bike shops in Chicago. And that's since circa 1972. Here old school service and repairs (not just parts replacement) rule.
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The best - from: '' - Rating: 5/5 - 23-Mar-10
I have had Joe service my bike for 15 years now. He is extremely honest and does very quality work. He probably needs to charge more!! Highly recommended.
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QR - from: 'Adam' - Rating: 5/5 - 31-Jul-09
I worked (learned) at Quick Release in high school. Joe taught me to build wheels, among many other things when I was 15. Seventeen years later I'm still working on bikes and loving it... Thanks a million Joe.

I highly recommend this shop.
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Outstanding Shop - from: '' - Rating: 5/5 - 12-Jul-09
Quick Release is without doubt the best bike shop I've been to in Chicago. I have had a variety of work done; general tuneup, wheel truing, crank replacement, etc, and Joe has gotten it done right, the first time, everytime. The prices are very fair, the work is always done right, he will take the time to go into detail and explain what it was he did for your bike, etc.

Best shop in Chicago.
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Nicest Bike Guy Ever - from: '' - Rating: 5/5 - 20-Apr-09
I had known something was amiss with my back wheel for a while and when I got a flat this weekend, I decided it better to take it into a shop rather than do it myself. I came to this site and read a lot of reviews on shops to find a nice, honest, non-pretentious mechanic. I found Joe.

Joe was really informative and showed me all the parts he was taking off and putting on my bike. He showed me where the hole in the tube was, that my rim liner was about to break, and that the spacing on my back but was wonky. He fixed my bike and it hardly cost anything.

I've gone to other shops and gotten scoffed at by the grease monkeys in the back for not knowing what kind of free wheel I wanted. At Quick Release, there isn't the air of haughty pretentiousness that I've experienced elsewhere. There's just Joe. He's the nicest bike guy in Chicago.
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Totally reliable - from: '' - Rating: 5/5 - 07-Aug-08
I've been following Joe and his shop throughout the near north side for thirty years. He's extremely skilled, explains everything, and very pleasant. Although his bike stock is not large, you'll likely find something that suits your needs. For maintenance and repair, he's the best!
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Hidden gem of a bike shop - from: '' - Rating: 5/5 - 18-Jul-08
I wasn't sure what to expect when I went in- the proprietor, Joe, is a quiet older dude who looks like he night be kinda surly. Not so at all; even though I showed up two minutes before closing, he fixed my flat tire instantly and for a very good price, and gave me a wave and a sweet-old-man smile as I left. :)
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Great mechanic, great shopowner, great guy. - from: '' - Rating: 5/5 - 03-Jul-08
Joe is a great mechanic and a stand-up guy who doesn't try to upsell his customers. He's helped me repeatedly with various assets of biking from picking out equipment (he even steered me away from the expensive stuff I had thought I needed to more affordable stuff that does the exact same job) to repairing my bike, to helping me learn more about safe biking in the city to improving my bike maintenance skills. I'm just sad that I'll be leaving the area soon--I wish I could take Joe and his shop with me!
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Wonderful Speedy Service! - from: '' - Rating: 5/5 - 24-May-08
Joe is the best! He is so friendly and helpful. The first time I walked into the shop, he gave me a little lesson on all the parts of my bike and how they work together. During another visit, he walked me through the process of patching my tubing (actually patched it for me). He did all of this for free! I feel like I'm going to a workshop everytime I stop in. He also performs speedy tune ups and brake work at an affordable price. I love this guy :)
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You're all quite right - from: '' - Rating: 5/5 - 28-Jul-07
As a recent transplant to Humboldt Park (suffering from a dearth of bike shops), I checked out the database to find ones nearby. I went to Joe because of all the great reviews here, and I know myself to prefer bike shops with content over those with mere stylish presentation.

Sure enough, Joe cut right to the chase with just what I needed, and in light of my new bike route to work (down paved-with-glass Augusta), made some suggestions on really cheap ways to keep my tires full. Tire-savers, for example. Best $10 I ever spent, and I wouldn't have even known to ask, having been a lakeshore trail man up until now. I'll be going back for all of my repairs and purchases, for sure!
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The place for vintage repair - from: '' - Rating: 5/5 - 23-Feb-07
He solved the headset problem on my old italian bike when nobody else was able to. Enough said.
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old school style - from: '' - Rating: 5/5 - 29-Oct-06
The owner delivers expert advice and repair service with the demeanor of a budhist monk. I have been to Quick Release three times and have always had a great experience. This is the peoples bike shop: no sales pitch, no rush, no frills. It is so rare to find a treasure like Joe (the owner) in the Urban World.
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Quickrelease - from: '' - Rating: 5/5 - 12-Oct-06
Quickrelease is by far the finest bike shop I have ever been in since my first visit in 1976. While Joe is a master mechanic, I have only taken my bike 2x in my life to a shop. Many times, I have walked in to spend money on stuff and he has suggested a lower priced option or something at no cost to myself. Honesty, integrity, craftmanship at a great price.
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definitely the overalls! - from: '' - Rating: 5/5 - 27-Sep-06
I almost always forget the shop is there since it is stuck on a nearly unbikeable stretch of land! But definitely worth the trip!!! Always friendly and helpful, top drawer!
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Best shop in Chicago - from: '' - Rating: 5/5 - 26-Jul-06
Let me say that this is now my favorite bike shop. I agree with the previous poster that it's not a real slick "shopping experience." Actually there's so much stuff squeezed into the store that only one or two customers can stand in front of the counter at a time. And most of the inventory is in filing cabinets and boxes at the back of the store. So if you like to go into a bike shop and browse the "bike porn" on the walls and in display cabinets, this probably isn't the shop for you.

But if you're the type of person who knows exactly what you want and likes to go to bike shops to get it, but are used to being snubbed by people who would rather sell you something that they have in stock, then this is your place. If you mention you need something rare or hard to find Joe will actually offer to find it for you. And the stock of stuff he has in his shop is pretty good. You just have to tell him what you need and he’ll go rummage around in the filing cabinets for a while and come back with it.

Most bike shops are interested in selling bicycles, combined with very high-margin accessories like clothing and bags. If you go in and ask for individual parts for this or that, they'll not be helpful because they don't make much money that way, especially if they don't have it in stock. If you go in with your working bikes or department store bike to get it repaired they'll pressure you to buy a new one from them. This shop does not work that way. He'll repair anyone's bike--no matter how old or cheap--if that’s what they want, and he'll make sure a person will walk out with exactly the part they need.
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Favorite - from: 'Stevem' - Rating: 5/5 - 29-Jul-05
One man show, and the shop is always packed with 'er um neat bike stuff.

Joe is the most laid back cool overall wearing mechanic I have ever met and a real joy to chat with. He will also order just about anything for you and has vendor agreements with some obscure companies, so if you are looking for a Worksman, or a Repop Highwheeler, start here.

I have to warn you as a consumer that this shop may not be for everyone. Perhaps a more refined retail version with new stock on hand would be Boulevard Bikes.
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