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3826 N Broadway
Chicago, IL  60613-3218
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Mon-Sat: 12pm - 8pm
Sun: closed

sells used bikes?: yes
sells used parts?: yes
offers Active Transportation Alliance discount?: yes
offers rentals?: no

Ron Ashley, Proprietor. In business since 1999.

Brands sold: Schwinns, Fuji, Nishiki (among others)

Also sells rims, tires, tubes, and handlebars.

A Nearly New Shop only sells used, restored bikes.

They service the bikes they sell. Low prices for bike made between 1950 and 1983. Classic Schwinn cruisers a speciality.

This shop was last sent an information update request on November 28, 2009; but the last time they responded to a request was June 24, 2006.



VERY TRUSTWORTHY - from: '' - Rating: 5/5 - 02-Jul-13
This is the probably the most trustworthy shop in chicago. The problem is that they don't have NOTHING as far as parts. But they can fix the hell out of your bike for cheap
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Great little bike shop - from: '' - Rating: 4/5 - 22-Mar-12
Easy going group of guys that know their stuff when it comes to bikes and are willing to take the time to work with you to get the bike you want or get your existing bike fixed up again.
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really helpful - from: 'ray' - Rating: 5/5 - 19-Mar-12
went here for the first time today, and it was just a really positive experience. new to biking, and didn't feel pressured at all. everyone made it clear they just wanted to see me have the right fit - no reason to get the wrong bike. very much appreciated the experience.
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road bike - from: '' - Rating: 5/5 - 24-Feb-12
Ron helped me again. Came in from the northern suburbs looking for a light weight road bike. Ron had exactly what I desired, a beautifully maintained 58cm 1984 Raleigh Racing USA road bike in excellent condition. This was the 2nd bike I purchased from Ron and his staff. Anyone looking for a bicycle would be doing themselves a disservice if they did'n checkout Ron's Nearly New Shop. Jim from Northbrook
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Very helpfull and knowledgeable - from: '' - Rating: 4/5 - 19-Oct-11
The staff helped us out with some tools to maintain our touring bikes for our ride to New York City. As we are world travelers on a tight budget and schedule we depend on help like this. We also appreciated to marvel at the nice selection of old but quality road bikes. Thanks guys!

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great service - from: '' - Rating: 5/5 - 18-Apr-11
This place is great, Any time I ever have a problem with my bike I take it here. They are helpful and always hook you up. I wouldn't take my bike anywhere else.
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Check here before you buy new! - from: '' - Rating: 5/5 - 15-Nov-10
If you are looking for a bike (regardless if new is preferred) go and check this shop out. I was really impressed with the sales people and selection. I test drove several bikes with no hassle and felt like I could have tested each one in there if I liked. Purchased a very nice Raleigh 3 speed. Mechanic did a quick test drive for me and made minor adjustments. They give a 2 month warranty that even includes flats. This is a used bike that will last me longer that anything I could've purchased new for $50 to $100 more. And is less likely to get stolen. Plus I love, love, love it! And it's just better to have something used and made to last vs. new and cheaply made. Put this on your list to check out before you buy a bike! It's a win win.
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Bike paradise - from: '' - Rating: 5/5 - 03-Sep-10
You have to be clear about this - A Nearly New Shop ONLY sells road bikes and cruisers, no hybrids or mountain bikes AT ALL! This is a great place to find that steal - to fall in love with a used road bike or cruiser and walk away with a bike for a quarter of what you would spend on a new one. I live two blocks from this place and it is always ready to fix my bike - usually with the more common, smaller, ailments to do with brakes or flat tires or minor adjustments - they are really there to sell bikes but for a few bucks will perform minor work on your bike gladly (and often for free). The place is just crammed with bikes - hundreds there at a time so it is unlikely you won't find what you need. With fears of having a bike stolen in the Big City, it makes more sense to buy used, plus you will be more likely to find something that works well and looks darn cool!
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Great spot - from: '' - Rating: 5/5 - 24-Mar-10
I bought my and my gf's bike here. Great service and they know bikes.
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Best used bike store ever - from: '' - Rating: 5/5 - 18-Mar-10
I would come back here in a heartbeat. I bought my bike about a year and a half ago, and have had no problems other than flat tires a week after I bought it. I took it back, and these guys fixed it instantly for no charge. I've recommended them to everyone I can think of.
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Nearly New - from: '' - Rating: 5/5 - 08-Mar-10
I drove all the way up from Northwest Indiana to check out this place with a friend who was looking to buy a bike. We shopped for about 10 min, then found the perfect bike for him. I was so impressed! They knew there stuff, and knew exactly the frame size he needed. He walked out with a nice red trek in awesome condition! I was so impressed Im going back up there this weekend to pick out a new bike for me! The guys that work there are easy to talk to, know there stuff and WANT to help you out and get a bike that fits you like a glove. Thanks for the awesome deal!
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good guy - from: '' - Rating: 4/5 - 30-Jan-10
This place is a great value. They have a lot of tuned-up Schwinns, Panasonics, Miyatas - all the stuff that rides well but doesn't cost a bunch. I'd check this place out if you are looking for a road bike to get around, but something a little better than a Schwinn varsity. They also have some nice framesets if you wanted to build up something a bit more sporty.

The staff is also really cool. Today, they gave me an old aluminum wheel so that I could have something to practice building a wheel on. No charge.

That's cool. I'll be recommending them to others.

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A shiny new bike - from: '' - Rating: 5/5 - 24-Jan-10
Both men who work at the shop were very helpful. I found a nice bike for a reasonable price. They gave me instructions on how to ride in the city and also how to register my bike with the city.
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Good Shop - from: '' - Rating: 5/5 - 14-Jan-10
This shop is great for anyone into biking. Used parts and good bikes make it a great choice for anyone
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best shop in the city - from: '' - Rating: 5/5 - 13-Nov-09
This is by far one of the best bike shops in the city. I have bought 2 bikes from them in the last four years. One was a Puch Pathfinder and the other a 1987 Bianchi. Both were under $200. Agreed, if you scoured craigslist for months you could probably find some deals, but would they come with parts and labor warranties for 90 days????
and YES, that includes flats and accidents. I wouldn't take my business or bike anywhere else.
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nice - from: '' - Rating: 4/5 - 30-Aug-09
I have never been to this bike shop but from the hears of it, it sounds pretty nice!
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SO HAPPY! THANKS JIM!! - from: '' - Rating: 5/5 - 04-Aug-09
After visiting 5 different shops today I arrived at Nearly New and finally found what I was looking for! Although this is my first day having the Bike, I can't say too much besides that I am definitely satisfied with what I got. The cheapest price yet and the guys where a great help!

A special thanks to Jim! Thanks for helping me out today! You are the best!
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the best - from: '' - Rating: 5/5 - 26-Jul-09
i love this place. i bought a la tour frameset here with everything but the wheels. they helped me saw out one of the drop outs so i could use it as a fixie. later i bought rims and tires. i cant remember what but he threw in a bunch of stuff for free. the frameset was only 80. and the rims were new alex rims for 150. i came back a year later to check what he had, and there was awesome italian road frames, fugi, peugot... tons of stuff. he then said "hey, you had that old la tour frame right, let me check it out." He hooked me up with some rad advice and that was that. Also, they're not assholes and wont make you look stupid. go there to get a bike. i'll be in tomorrow.
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Not that great - from: '' - Rating: 2/5 - 09-Jul-09
I'm not sure what I did wrong, but these guys were not helpful at all. I waited for 4 minutes when someone finally said hi, some guy in a white tee on the sidewalk. Now, i haven't rode a bicycle in half a decade, and asked what they had available, if i could take a look. He pointed me to a SINGLE bicycle that he was fixing up, and said i can give you something like this for $150, i said okay, is that all? And, he said yes. I had absolulty no idea what to do at this point, so simply said thank you and walked away. What a god-awful experience, I guess i'll stick to buying new.
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Genius operation. - from: 'Eric' - Rating: 5/5 - 09-Jul-09
If you want a used bike, in top shape, for cheap, forget the rummage sales, this is your place.

No condescending hipsters or mechanics with a hub to grind at this low-fi shop.

Inside the rundown space, it's barely navigable, with stacks of frames and parts lining all but a small path. But that's OK, all the work is done on the sidewalk out front.

Albeit the shop doesn't have high-end equipment (I doubt they even have a repair stand), this is why they have unbelievably lowball rates on repair and merch. These guys show you what you DON'T NEED to repair, restore and sell a good bike.

You won't find anything high-end or carbon-fiber here, but you might find a steel-framed treasure if you check in from time to time (I bought an 82 Trek with a Reynolds 531 frame for about $225 with a 60-day warranty)

Bikes seem to range from 100 to 300 dollars. They repair for cheap, but don't expect a quick turnaround for anything major (they get busy in the summer).

Nearly New is not a yuppie shop, nor is it a snotty hipster tattoo club. Cheap bikes, no attitudes, cash only.
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Great Service!! - from: '' - Rating: 5/5 - 04-Jun-09
love this bike shop. bought two bikes from here in the past 5 years. but recently went past week for a single speed. found my size, and converted it with new(er) brakes, tires, rims, grips all for 200. Way to cheaper than craigslist. Friendly guys explain about bikes without making you feel dumb. They even let you test ride without leavig your spleen as collateral. Great shop, definitly recommend!
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great customer service - from: '' - Rating: 3/5 - 25-May-09
I bought an Azuki bike from the shop and received great customer service. They even put on my lock and water bottle cage; however, when the next morning, there was a loud air explosion. When I went over to investigate, the valve had completely blasted off. I'm glad that this happened while the bike was sitting in my apartment and not while I was riding it. A little scary, but I suppose I got what I paid for.
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Miayata - from: '' - no rating given - 22-May-09
do you have any rebuilt Koga Miyata's
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Great Place - from: '' - Rating: 5/5 - 09-May-09
I got a bike here for my 65th birthday. It's a pretty blue Schwinn World Tourist and it cost 95 bucks and I rode it home. (Ron offered to lend me his personal helmet for the first ride to get home, but I toughed it out.) They told me where to go to get accessories, they were so darn explicit about the warrenty (which includes even flat tires for the first sixty days) that I can't imagine being disappointed, and Jim mounted the new lock, made me take it off and on a couple of times, and made sure I understood where to register the lock online to get free keys if (no, when) I lose mine. And there was no cussing, no naked ladies on the wall, nothing to make a Christian (or Muslim or whatever)lady uncomfortable. These are nice people providing a down-home service for folks who live in a real world, on a budget. So I got a nice bike, with a little wear even like myself, and met two genuine guys. I feel like part of the family.
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funky place - from: '' - Rating: 3/5 - 22-Apr-09
i'm a poor college student who got a bike here last summer. it was way cheaper than taking the cta. it worked fine for a 2 months, but then the brakes started having some trouble. however, i think i got what i paid for, and i wore that bike hard. it still cost less than taking the cta even though i only had it for 2 months. people who write bad posts i guess don't understand the word "USED." there's always risk buying something second hand. i got a schwinn world tourist. unfortunately, she got stolen before i could get her fixed at nearly new, so i don't know about their repair services much. her name was norma :-(. i plan to go back and get a bike here again this summer, though. the cta is expensive!
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Good place for Cheap Used bikes - from: '' - Rating: 5/5 - 04-Apr-09
I did a search for used bike sellers in Chicago, found this place today via this message board. I picked up a 15 speed Schwinn for $90. New tires and brakes and all tuned up, you can tell its a few years old, but thats what I want hoping it will be less of an interest to thieves. Took it for a 5 mile ride, feels sturdy, I'm happy. Guys in the shop were great too, very helpful with rules of the road and tips about what I should and should not lock it up to.
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1965 raleigh superby - from: '' - Rating: 5/5 - 30-Mar-09
Ron, Jim and Randy are very mechanically orientated and extremely friendly. Well worth the trip from the northern suburbs. I purchased a terrific bike at a reasonable cost. These guys know how to service bikes and correctly treat their customers.
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Great service - from: 'Dan' - Rating: 5/5 - 23-Mar-09
Purchased a bike from Ron a year ago and he gave me a great deal. I highly recommend this shop.
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Best $ for Used Bikes - from: '' - Rating: 5/5 - 19-Mar-09
If only more bike shops had guys without crappy attitudes like the Ron and the other Good Sumeritans at Nearly New. But why go anywhere else? Only used bikes and "Nearly New" doesn't describe the stock too well. These aren't bikes that are "fresh off their leases" or anything. More like late 70s to early 80's Schwinns and other mainstream road bikes of the era. They WILL ride as smooth as new, though. I don't know how they make any money so BE GENEROUS to these guys. I'm going to put them in my will...
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need bike - from: '' - no rating given - 07-Mar-09
I need a woman's specific road bike, ASAP! A Specialized Ruby or Orbea Diva in a 46 or 48 is perfect. Any good road bike would be considered. Please help!
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my opinion - from: '' - Rating: 5/5 - 23-Feb-09
this shop is amazing. i've been coming here for couple of years now. Ron has the cheapest parts.
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Thanks Gentalmen - from: '' - Rating: 5/5 - 17-Feb-09
Much thanks for your help on Monday the 16th with setting me up with my silky smooth Peugeot. Blogged about it here:

Peace in the East,
Nicky Dieter
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Best Shop in town - from: '' - Rating: 5/5 - 04-Feb-09
This is by far the best shop there is. If you are looking for a used vintage bike at a reasonable price these are the go to guys.
I bought my first road bike here and couldn't be more pleased. They let me test drive it around and didn't even ask for me to eave my id or any money. They were very attentive and courteous. Very knowledgeable and friendly. I take my bike here for any tune ups or maintenance.
Keep up the good work gents.
Thanks a million!!!!
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Favorite Place! - from: '' - Rating: 5/5 - 14-Nov-08
Excellent shop. Jim and Ron are super nice and make excellent conversation about bikes or otherwise. Jim can true a wheel faster and better than most. Their 60 day warranty is a great deal. I bought an old schwinn varsity and they replaced the seat clamp twice for me with out hesitation. They also understand the importance of "original parts" for geeks like me. Highly recommended!!! I can't emphasize that enough :)
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New (to me) Road Bike - from: '' - Rating: 5/5 - 04-Oct-08
I just bought a road bike from Nearly New, love it. I've rode a few miles the first day and a few more the next. Great bike for the price. I had never owned a rode bike before and the staff was attentive to my needs. I would definitely recommend to a friend. Great job!!
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Great Shop! - from: '' - Rating: 5/5 - 05-Aug-08
Just got a beautiful Schwinn cruiser from Ron--I took it around the block and asked for a couple of adjustments, which the employee took care of right away. This is the place to go if you want a quality vintage bike at a fair price with friendly service!

I even went there a while back to see if he had a ladies cruiser--he did, but not exactly what I wanted. Rather than push some other bike on me he told me to stop back after a bit and see what he had in.

Great shop!
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repair service - from: '' - Rating: 5/5 - 17-May-08
I took my old vintage Miyata road bike into their shop thinking I would have to buy a new rear wheel or have them overhaul my old one since it started making some grinding noises. They were slammed with customers, but took my wheel in regardless to check it over. Jim over there told me if he couldn't fix it, they had a new one they could sell me for $40, and they took my number down to call me when it would be done. Two hours later, I found out, they fixed my old wheel just fine. Through my own incompetence, I reassembled the hub spacers incorrectly, which caused the noise. They re-greased the hub, put it back together correctly for me, and sent me on my way for $20, which I thought was very fair considering the labor rates of plenty of shops around. I'm not so sure about some of the negative reviews on this board since this shop specializes in USED/reconditioned bikes-NOT new bikes. You have to take in consideration you get what you pay for. These are older bikes they sell that have many years of life in them once they've been given a look over, but they're still older bikes. Go here if you want a hip looking older bike for a fair price without breaking the bank. It seemed most of the bikes I saw there they sell (mostly older Schwinns, Treks, and some other Japanese makes-all respectable brands and not the crappy department store bikes)were between $100-$200, depending on what you want. Sure, their place doesn't have shiny bright lights to gleam over brand spanking new $600-$1000+ bikes, but that's not what you came here for was it? That's how they keep their overhead low. I feel confident enough in the service I was provided here, that I will take my other road bikes, mostly vintage, in here for service also. I'll keep everyone posted on the service I receive on those as well. Thank you Ron, and Jim.
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bought a bike - from: '' - Rating: 5/5 - 09-May-08
Last Spring I bought my first street bicycle to ride in the city. I had tons of questions about the use of gear shifting and taking care of the bike and I received great advice. I believe Jim was the man who helped me mostly and he was awesome. Jim told me stories about his bike trips, shared some of his knowledge and seemed just as psyched as I was that I was starting to ride.
I'm planning to go back there this weekend to see if the front rim can be repaired on my second bike. Once on a trip back to 'a nearly new' I saw him bend back a front rim that had been "doored" so I'm hoping he can do that for me. Luckily that is not why my rim is damaged.
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Got just what I wanted! - from: '' - Rating: 5/5 - 05-May-08
Ron was very nice, straightforward and helpful, definitely not snobby or manipulative. He didn't tell me what I want, he helped me get what I wanted.

The prices are very fair, and better than anywhere else I visited. I got a barely used Schwinn road bike, fixed gear, for $180. It's in REALLY great shape. At other shops, the best I could find for that much was a junky cruiser.

The bikes come with new tires, the brake pads appear to be new, and a 60 day warranty.

The shop was cramped and disorganized, but who cares? They have a really good selection of bikes.

Definitely a 5/5!!!!!
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Waste of Time & Money - from: '' - Rating: 1/5 - 03-May-08
The bike they "built up" for me is in a shop right now having to be fixed. They definitely don't know what they are doing. It was ridiculous to ride with the gearing they set up (single speed), and the back brake didn't even work - right out of the shop. These guys don't know a thing about single speed or fixed gear conversions!!!
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Fabulous! - from: '' - Rating: 5/5 - 30-Apr-08
I stopped by today, mostly with the notion that I would browse but then I ended up buying a sweet Schwinn roadie and I'm so happy I did! The store itself has a quaint and charming atmosphere. But regardless of the store's superficial appearance, the best part about this place is the down to earth, extremley helpful Ron. You can tell this guy is passionate about his work through the exceptional care and attention he offers to his customers. I will definitely be stopping by more often in the future!
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Terrible Place for Conversions - from: '' - Rating: 2/5 - 25-Apr-08
Recently got a bike converted. Was way overpriced for the work that was done. The chain was incredibly tight around the wheel, so I had to loosen that. Then I noticed that the chain line was ridiculously crooked. To see a picture of the chainline, straight from their shop, go here: http://www.tenebroso.net/Chainline.jpg I found out after the fact that this isn't a very good place to go for bike work or repairs. Not feeling very confident in their work anymore...
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recap - from: '' - Rating: 5/5 - 29-Feb-08
So I just got my bike back yesterday, and I have even more to say about Nearly new. Not only did I get a tune up for 55, new racing tires/tubes for 30, a whole new fork for 40, Ron not only included break pads in the tune-up, but replaced my bar tape, all gear/break wires, and gave me a new front rim! All for 125. Not to mention the tuneup is wonderful. I gave him 140, he didnt have change, so he gave me 20 back and said don't worry about it. Can you find another place like this? I think not...Ron doesn't do it for the money, he does it because he has a passion for bikes. Awesomeness.
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Awesome - from: '' - Rating: 5/5 - 27-Feb-08
It's so true when they say looks can be decieving. I live a block from Nearly new and have walked by the shop about a million times. It wasn't until this past week when I took my vintage road bike into the shop when I realized that this is one of those "diamond in the rough" type places. Where other places charge 75-100 bucks for a tune-up, Ron charges 55, not to mention he takes great detail into every part, and includes minor things such as brake pads in the price. Here's the even better part: He saw that my fork was bent and that it was giving pull, and replaced it with a fork he had that basically matches for like 40 dollars. It was a different color, and he is painting it for me and replacing. Where most places will charge 100+ dollars for a fork, Ron uses his insticts, resources, and friendly customer service that makes you feel really good when you walk out of there.
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Amazing Chicago Gem - from: '' - Rating: 5/5 - 21-Feb-08
I brought in a bike that was a hand me down from my brother. I brought it in for a tune up, a new wheel, and tires. I left with a lot more than I ever thought. Ron PIMPED out my bike. Its shiny, white frame with black accents and some chrome. He cleaned it up and fixed some things that were found to be broken during the tune up. I am thrilled with the service that I was given. My bike looks amazing and runs like new. I took it out in the cold to see how it ran. Aside from cold fingers, the ride was great. I am going to recommend this place to anyone that wants to buy an old used bike or needs theirs to be fixed up. This is truly a Chicago gem of a business. They do a great job at a fair price. If something is wrong they fix it. They look out for your best interests and want you to be happy with your purchase/repair. Very few businesses anywhere take this attitude now-a-days. I appreciate this more than most because I come from a long tradition of family business that treats their customers the same way. So thank you ron for running a great business!
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warranty - from: '' - no rating given - 31-Jan-08
I purchased a road bike in the beginning of January and had the most pleasant experience at A Nearly New Shop. Two weeks later my gear shifters broke off the bike. I called Ron and he gladly offered to fix it so I planned on going out on my next day off, four days after I talked to him. I live a good distance from uptown so I called to make sure he was around. No answer and no machine. Now it is 2 weeks later. I call almost everyday and no one answers. I need my bike to work. What is the point of a warranty if no one is around. Soon I'm going to have to suck it up and pay someone to fix my new/used bike after only riding it for 2 weeks. Ron where are you?
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A Great Shop for Vintage Bikes - from: '' - Rating: 5/5 - 26-Dec-07
This store is cool! If you're looking for used vintage steel road bikes for a good price, this is the place to go. Ron was so nice to me. He never pressured me into buying anything and took the time to help me try out various bikes (even when there were 3-4 people in the store talking to him). I ended up buying a 1980's Schwinn Prelude today. It was in excellent condition and it has columbus tubing! It was so lightweight. The price was good...better than any price I have seen in eBay and craigslist. Thanks Ron! I will definitely be back. Maybe for a singlespeed?
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Avoid this shop if you can - from: '' - Rating: 1/5 - 15-Nov-07
Well I'm glad there is a place i can inform everyone of my experience. The guys who work there are very friendly guys. However, I bought a bike from them way over-priced, then i had a problem with the chain skipping. I brought it back to them three times and it was never fixed. Then it thrw me onto the pavement on Michigan Ave during the afternoon. I could have easily been killed. I took it back to them for a different bike. After it was "fixed up" The left pedal was falling apart and the brakes did not work. On my first ride, the brakes gave out while I was on Wabash. I took it back to them and asked for a refund which they only gave me 3/4 of back. They claimed they took the old bike apart and saw nothing wrong with it that could have thrown me. Either Ron was lying or really bad at what he does. He said they had never had someone dissatisfied and return a bike before. I highly doubt that. In any event, they have some nice vintage bikes there, and they do sell good locks for cheap. But avoid them for all other reasons. I'm not telling any lies - I'm just telling it like it is.
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Love it - great place for used bikes! - from: 'Viv' - Rating: 5/5 - 11-Nov-07
My family stumbled across this place when were shopping for used bikes. They specialize in old Schwinns, but had some other random bikes around that day (some Fujis, a Trek, etc.). They salvage the bikes, fix them up, and resell them at reasonable prices. They had a great selection of old cruisers and the owner and his assistant are good people.

The shop is pretty unique: It's packed w/bikes (you can barely walk through it and they sometimes had to dig through half a dozen bikes to get to the one I wanted). The "repair shop" is on the sidewalk outside the shop. There aren't really any sales people - you just take bikes on test rides and get someone's attention if you want to buy one. Prices are handwritten on tags that hang from the handle bars (note: it's a cash only operation).

Ron, the owner, is rather reserved and you can tell he has a lot of respect for these older bikes. Jim, one of the mechanics, was great in helping to make adjustments (replace brake pads, etc.) to the bikes we'd selected.

If you're looking for new, high-end bikes with slick service, this isn't the right place for you. If you want a used cruiser it's perfect! For everything else, you might call or drop in to see what they have that day.
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totally go here! - from: '' - Rating: 5/5 - 22-Oct-07
The shop doesn't look like much but I was instantly disarmed by the great guys who work there. I got a fair deal and they emanate generosity, expertise and populism. This shop embodies what I love about Chicago as a place of hidden treasures, not always polished or fancy, but perfect in their own right.
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awesome shop - from: '' - Rating: 4/5 - 21-Oct-07
considering that no matter what, you're clearly going to this place to buy USED bikes, with little money on hand...i think that this place is absolutely wonderful.

i've bought myself, and my girlfriend a bike here, and they both still work great.

moreover, the service is always wonderful.

keeping in mind that used bikes have a tendency to need a little more attention down the road, i think that this place does an incredible job of keeping people with low resources quality bikes.
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great - from: '' - Rating: 5/5 - 10-Oct-07
At first I thought it was a little bit sketchy, but after stopping in every week or so, Ron and the other dude really were helpful and sold me good parts for pocket change at another bike shop. This is the place to go, I've rarely had any problems with them.
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nealy new - from: '' - Rating: 5/5 - 25-Sep-07
the owner ron is an awesome guy and his staff is just as good . they gave me a great deal on my bike and really helped me out with it. these guys deserve lots of business.
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Great Shop - from: 'Jes' - Rating: 5/5 - 23-Sep-07
Great shop with plenty of bikes and the owner is extremely nice and helpful.
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excellent service, unique place - from: 'Robin' - Rating: 5/5 - 11-Sep-07
This bike shop has really good service--I needed my breaks replaced and the owner replaced them himself while I waited. I was curious about how to replace them myself, so he showed me how I could do it in the future. I had called about 7 other bike shops to compare costs, and this place charged less than half the 30 to 40 bucks most places charged.

Not only does the shop have great prices, but he also trued my wheels so they ran straight and put lube on my chain without charging me.

The service and costs at this bike shop cannot be beaten! If you need anything repaired or are looking for a bike or parts, this is definitely the place to go.
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Like junk? this is your place. - from: '' - Rating: 1/5 - 03-Sep-07
A little shady if you know your stuff about bikes. I had an old commuter I was rebuilding, and asked about a set of aero brake levers with rubber hoods. After being told I would be better with "safety levers" (aka suicide levers) I was shown a beat up, gross set of brown hooded levers that had a bent lever on one side and offered the low low price of.. 30 dollars. Went to performance on halsted and found a brand new set of very comfortable tekro levers for 25.

I think this shop's bread and butter is the clueless folks who think a bike is a bike, and will spend 180 bucks for a bike you can get on craigslist for 40 bucks. Which, judging by the truck load of beaten and used bikes I see out front every day, is probably where most of the crap here comes from.
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Great - from: '' - no rating given - 03-Sep-07
If you need a bike quickly this is a wonderful place. They are helpful and really worked with me to find a bike that fit. I have been very happy with my bike!
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love it - from: '' - Rating: 5/5 - 11-Aug-07
This is one of the best vintage bike shops in the business. Great bikes, excellent service, efficient repairs. Ron & co. truly know and care about their bikes.
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suggestion - from: '' - no rating given - 06-Aug-07
As an update to my review below, after reading that other people have had bad work done here, I urge you to go elsewhere. Everybody seems to think this shop is particularly cheap--well you can do better for what you get, folks. There's Working Bikes, which is very crowded. Also try Blackstone Bikes (at 61st and Blackstone, mon-wed. afternoons). They have a lot of old bikes, are nonprofit (unlike Ron!), and the mechanics are a little snotty but competent, which I prefer to friendly and fumbling. Good luck
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Great guys - from: '' - Rating: 4/5 - 02-Aug-07
Great shop for those in need of a working bike. They seem to warranty everything they do (I had sixty days parts and labor which they honored completely). They do good work, but many of the bikes will need to be looked at again after a couple days of riding, which they are always happy to do.
Definetely a place for those who need good bikes and service for little money.
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AVOID THIS SHOP - from: '' - Rating: 1/5 - 01-Aug-07
If you want an old beat up bike to just bum around with, although a little over priced, this shop is for the most part worth it. you can find some real neat classic schwinns.

If, in fact you are looking for custom work, anything relying on the knowledge of these guys beyond buying old bikes, scraping off the rust and re-selling them, go somewhere else. you will waste time, money, and put yourself at risk while on the road.

i brought my bike in a few weeks ago to get it converted into a fixed gear. i was charged $100 for a beat up crank, and a spindle that was a little too short, but seemed to work well enough untill it started rattling around in the bracket, so i brought it to uptown where they looked it over and asked who in the hell put it together. not only was the bracket installed improperly, but the hardware they used was not meant for that type of set up and was extremely risky to ride with. i had to buy NEW parts, brought it back to Ron, and they scauffed at the comments the guy at uptown made. i sat infront of the shop and took it apart myself and reinstalled most of it.

i was charged $100 for parts and labor, but ended up having to buy the correct parts myself, and did a good part of the labor myself as well, while they watched me. so exactly what did i pay for?

moral of the story, if you want to find a neat classic bike, although a good deal of them wont ride perfectly, i would say it is worth it. but dont make the mistake i did, and assume these guys are bike experts, because they aren't. ask the established bike shops, nearly new has a reputation of shotty work within the riding scene.
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My new baby - from: '' - Rating: 5/5 - 31-Jul-07
I've been popping in off and on for the past month or so, looking for a frame in my size. Lo and behold, I went in on Saturday and was directed to a mint 1974 Nishiki that fits better than my current Panasonic. Jim and Ron were both very helpful and held onto it for me for an extra 24 hours while I debated purchasing it. A pair of Diadora shoes and clipless pedals were thrown in for $20. This place is not for the impatient or those expecting the squeaky clean homogeneity of Performance. The customer service is unbeatable. Are you looking for something out of the ordinary? Are you looking for customer service that won't hinge on whether or not you wear lycra and $300 shoes? Go to Nearly New.
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Dangerous, Poor Work -- Avoid this shop - from: '' - Rating: 1/5 - 25-Jul-07
Some friends surprised me with a fixed-gear converted at Nearly New from an old, wrecked freewheel bike I used to love. It could have killed me, thanks to this shop's incompetence or fraudulent work. After breaking a spoke, I brought it to Rapid Transit on North Avenue, where the mechanics told me they had never seen such a dangerous, jerry-rigged fixed-gear conversion. Instead of installing a fixed cog with a counter-screwing lockring on the new rear wheel, they glued on a random freewheel cog with Loctite adhesive. The combination is massively unsafe. Although I had brakes, every time I used the pedals to slow, everything was unscrewing. When I got to Rapid Transit, they said the threads were barely engaged. I would urge everyone to go to a different shop if you need more than a flat changed.
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Super sweet - from: '' - Rating: 4/5 - 23-Jul-07
I bought a terry-style Nishiki Prestige during the winter for $165. I'm in love with my bike. Ron was very nice. He fixed the rear derailler and gave me money to buy some coffee while I waited. I don't know if the policy has changed, but every bike bought receives a three month warrantee for repairs on riding damage. I think the pile of bikes in the back is mostly what keeps this place from being a five, since I bet it deters most potential customers.
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Motobecane road bike - from: '' - Rating: 5/5 - 18-Jul-07
Bought a beautiful 1970's Motobecane road bike - very lightweight - $165. The guys working here are really nice and took lots of time to work with me, and they really know their stuff.
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Solid Shop - from: '' - Rating: 4/5 - 16-Jul-07
The folks at this shop are very helpful and nice. I got a beautiful Raleigh road bike this weekend, which I just love. It's in great shape, $165. They are very busy at this shop, so it's best not to expect that they'll have exactly what you want right away- although you might get lucky.
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beware of custom work - from: '' - Rating: 2/5 - 08-Jul-07
This shop, more like bicycle-spawning-cave, is kind of silly. On the plus side, the guys put on a good show. At first glance, the towering mess of frames inside and the repairs being rendered out on the sidewalk make for a rather charming scene. But unfortunately, this chaos seems a bit crippling.

I stopped by a number of weeks ago, and asked for a touring bicycle... Long story short, when I finally saw it, it was buried under a lot of other bicycles but Ron assured me that it wasn't being damaged. He said he'd build it up, weeks went by, nothing. When I stopped by a week after he said it'd be done, he grimaced, stared into the distance for a few seconds, and said he had a lot of bikes to build. I eventually gave up and went elsewhere. This shop is probably better for people who want to pop in, buy whatever kind of cruiser in decent condition, and leave.

Also, be prepared... I've talked to some other people and there seems to be a regular routine where Jim (guy with the ponytail) comes up when you're looking at a bike, and mentions that he "was looking at it for himself." So don't feel bad when this happens.
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Call Ahead - from: '' - Rating: 4/5 - 24-May-07
despite the huge selection they've got thrown in the store, call ahead and make sure they do in fact have a bike your size/type/etc. i made a trip down there on a 90 degree day to find out they didnt have the kind of bike i was looking for, but that it would be in the next day. not fun when you have to take cta everywhere.
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Less one pedal - from: '' - Rating: 2/5 - 23-May-07
Like the other posters, I was pleased with the attentiveness and the service. However, 3 days after purchase, I was riding my bike in heavy traffic, and the pedal came off, which easily could have sent me into heavy traffic. After retrieving it, you could tell that the threads were worn down, and after closer inspection of my bike (i don't know a thing about them), I could identify a broken reflector. Like with all used bike stores, make sure you check the quality before you purchase. Also, my friend bought a bike the same day, and her gears aren't all working.
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Excellent customer serivce - from: '' - Rating: 5/5 - 22-May-07
I was in the market for a retro Schwinn Cruiser, and discovered this was the absolute best place to find one! I called a day before, and Jim and Ron had several cruisers that were my size out front and ready for me to try out when I got there. Jim even encouraged me to ride them on the lakeshore bike path to really "get a feel" for them. He was incredibly helpful and honest, and I would highly reccommend this place to anyone looking for a bike.
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So nice. - from: '' - no rating given - 11-May-07
I had never bought a bike before, didn't know what to ask, didn't even really know what I was looking for. Jim was so helpful. I told him what I needed the bike for and he knew what I needed. It was a delightful experience!!
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Great Bikes! - from: '' - Rating: 5/5 - 06-May-07
This place is awesome! Jim and Ron are super friendly and helpful. Prices are good. These guys take good care of you.
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awesome - from: '' - Rating: 5/5 - 05-May-07
i've been looking for a good quality, cheap used bike for about 4 months now, and everywhere i went people were completely unhelpful. i thought it was hopeless. but then i went to see jim and ron, and they had me on the PERFECT bike in a matter of 10 minutes. i'll never go anywhere else.
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best shop - from: '' - Rating: 5/5 - 05-May-07
Ron and Jim really take the time to help you find the best bike for you in the shop. If they don't have one you like theyll find you one in a matter of days. Absolutely no b.s. with these guys and they have no problem helping you fix your bike if you bring it in for help.
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Thank you! - from: '' - Rating: 5/5 - 01-May-07
I bought my used Trek there over the weekend. . . rode first long distance today. it's awesome! great beginner road bike, and the guys at the shop even put new grips on the bike and sold me a lock too! it's awesome!
thanks RON.
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so sweet - from: '' - Rating: 5/5 - 21-Apr-07
ron and jim are the best. this place is the best used bike shop in the city. why go anywhere else for a used bike?
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Great guys - from: 'Van' - Rating: 5/5 - 15-Apr-07
Good experience...these guys spent a lot of time helping me find the right bike.
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everyone should meet ron - from: '' - Rating: 5/5 - 08-Apr-07
i went in today to look for a road bike. immediately ron let me test ride a peugeot around the block. he even switched out the brakes for me at no extra charge. he's awesome and i totally recommend this shop.
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The best used bike shop for people who love used bikes! - from: '' - Rating: 5/5 - 17-Mar-07
Every time I go in to visit Ron, he always greets me with a smile and a handshake. I always go there when I need parts to fix up my Schwinn. He's always got one somewhere. If he can't find it that second, you come back the next day he's got it ready to go. His prices are fair for all the classic gems he has there. All it takes is a little love of bikes and time to search through the piles of parts, and you too will know why this is the best bike shop in town.
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Great work, reasonably priced, friendly, and fast - from: '' - Rating: 5/5 - 15-Mar-07
I couldn't be happier with the service I got here. They took the time to find out what I needed and then did a great job, quickly and efficiently. Not a whiff of snobbery or pretension here. When I returned for my bike, the mechanic was tinkering with its ancient derailer. He said if he couldn't make it work to his liking he would replace it at no extra charge! He even showed me what he was doing to it. I can't imagine that happening at other shops I have been to. These guys genuinely love bikes, and they want you to love them too. It's always a good feeling to ride away on a well-tuned bike, but this time I also felt like I got a great deal. Definitely check it out!
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Need a bike? GO. SEE. RON. - from: '' - Rating: 5/5 - 26-Feb-07
Quite simply the best USED bike shop experience I've had yet. I went in and talked to Ron on a Saturday about getting a single speed bike. He spent an hour with me, matching me to the right sized frame, showing me ideas he had for the bike, and the next evening( Monday, Ron's closed on Sunday) I picked up my "new" Peugeot single speed. I could tell Ron was just as excited about building it as I am about owning it. Well above and beyond what I expected from a used shop. I've been telling friends about his shop every day since.
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hooked it up - from: '' - Rating: 5/5 - 16-Feb-07
I bought a bike from Ron this summer, then the very next morning rode it to work, and got hit by a car in Lakeview, He first tried to repair the fork and frame, but it was DOA so he gave me a new frame. GAVE. I was syked. I recommend this shop to everyone.
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Haiku for Ron - from: '' - Rating: 5/5 - 15-Feb-07
Through the piles of parts,
Ron reaches your heart and finds
a kick-ass ten speed.

I wanted a bike with a history and a future, and I'm also super broke. I couldn't be happier. Do yourself a favor and stop by this shop. Even if you don't find what you're looking for, you'll leave with a smile.
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Fantastic Shop!!! - from: '' - Rating: 5/5 - 10-Feb-07
I bought a Raleigh Sports from Ron, and my friend got a Motobecane free-wheel. We're both really happy. Ron does a great job with the bikes and lets them go for cheap. There is no pressure - he asks you what you're in the market for and helps you get something together that makes sense. Fantastic place - I'll be back, and probably a lot.
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!!!!!!!!!CORRECTION!!!!!!!! - from: 'Carlos' - Rating: 5/5 - 29-Dec-06
single speed/fixed gears = $180
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DA BOMB - from: '' - no rating given - 27-Dec-06
Holla at this bike shop. way better than uptown. This is where you get that dolla holla you know what im sayin.
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Amazing - from: '' - Rating: 5/5 - 27-Dec-06
Amazing shop, I had a bike stolen and they helped me put together a new one for next to nothing. I couldnt be more greatfull. They seem to always remember me as well which is a nice and welcome change from any bike shop you may go to. They are also amazingly friendly and great to talk shop.
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best shop in chicago - from: '' - Rating: 5/5 - 16-Dec-06
hands down, best shop in chicago. most bikes are 180.
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BIKES - from: '' - Rating: 5/5 - 26-Nov-06

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Excellent Guy and Shop - from: 'Dave' - Rating: 5/5 - 22-Nov-06
Ron was great. We talked and talked and looked and looked to find the perfectly sized bike. Lots of experience, and an overall wonderful man. Bought an old Miyata frame for a good price and he told me to bring it by to show him when I'm done building it. Will more than likely buy from him again.
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Great Help From Ron - from: '' - Rating: 5/5 - 21-Oct-06
Ron has helped me with my bike more than anyone else. Other places i've been too have not stopped and spent the time to really show me how to fix it myself, they just overcharge me.

Ron tought my friend and I how to convert to fixed gear and has sold me one of my bikes and many parts.

I will highly reccomend anyone going to Ron for help getting a new bike or parts.
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RON IS AWESOME! - from: '' - Rating: 5/5 - 20-Oct-06
First he completely set me up with my bike which is awesome and he gave me a great deal on it. Then I decided I wanted to convert it to fixed gear and he showed me how to do it and sold me cheap parts that I needed. Ron is a great guy and helps out a lot. His bikes are great and he really knows what hes doing. Definently check him out if you are looking for an older bike.
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Ron's the man - from: '' - Rating: 5/5 - 09-Oct-06
Ron's a good guy and we've become friends over the last 2 years, I've bought 6 bikes from him in that time for restoration purposes, he gets real busy sometimes but he does what he can. If you stop by tell him Nick sent ya he'll take care of ya.
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RON IS AMAZING - from: '' - Rating: 5/5 - 06-Sep-06
This shop was great. I saw a motobecane frame that i liked and Ron assembled me a single gear road bike with parts we cherry picked from other bikes. his shop is a mess, but he knows his whole inventory and can find anything quickly. he hooked me up with a great deal on my bike. ask him about how he got into bikes, it's a great story.
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good shop - from: '' - Rating: 5/5 - 28-Aug-06
This place is great. Ron worked with my budget as I was purchasing a bike for my cousin. He gives you 60-day parts and labor and tunes the bike up after you select it. I'm not sure what the "disinterested" poster is talking about because my experience was great. Ron and his helper were friendly, attentive, and when no one else was in the store they got chatty.
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a gem - from: 'Robert' - Rating: 5/5 - 17-Aug-06
We need more shops like this, personal and real. Good Value. Check em out
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disinterested - from: 'a' - Rating: 3/5 - 12-Aug-06
Great selection of classic cruisers, but the owner was totally uninterested in helping us. Much better service at the other shops we visited.
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A great shop - from: '' - Rating: 5/5 - 11-Aug-06
I went there to buy my friend an old schwinn road bike. Not only did I find the perfect bike, but Ron insisted that he swap the rear derailleur that was sticking a little bit. He took ten dollars off the price for making me wait fifteen minutes.

Ron is a great guy and it's a great shop.
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SCHWIN STINGRAY OR CRATE - from: '' - no rating given - 06-Aug-06
Im in search for a stingray or crate..I want to cruz one again because I loved that bike so much but in 1985 I got hit by a car and wrapped my cherry picker around a pole ..they accually tried to run me down on purpose ..and I cant afford to spend $1800.00 can you help ? Im not looking for perfection but maybe something to build on ..thanks
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Great place - from: 'scott' - Rating: 4/5 - 11-Jun-06
I found this place on accident two years ago and I'm so glad that I went in. Ron has an amazing stockpile of classic bikes and frames that he sells at great prices. I've bought several bikes from him (what can I say, I'm an addict) and each one was a great purchase. I picked up a 1966 schwinn tandem that I'm going to restore this summer.
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Superb - from: '' - Rating: 5/5 - 10-Jun-06
Ron is an incredible guy with a great selection of very cool old school bikes. He is fair and honest, a rare thing to find in his line of work.
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great place - from: '' - Rating: 5/5 - 08-Jun-06
Completely great service and the owner is really nice. Nice selection of used and vintage bikes.
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Wow - from: 'Tom' - Rating: 5/5 - 31-May-06
I just bought a bike from this place yesterday. The owner was incredibly nice and went out of his way to fix up a bike that I had picked out. And then because I waited for a little while he knocked 35 bucks off the price. This is one of the best if not THE best used bike shop in chicago. I will keep going here for years to come.
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Good place for Cheap Used bikes - from: 'Clay A.' - Rating: 4/5 - 25-May-06
I bought a bike from Ron a year ago. It was an old fuji frame we decided to make into a free-wheel. Ron literial waited until he got the "perfect" frame before setting off to build the bike. He is not going to sell you something that you don't need or will not work correctly. He's a really nice guy and he does solid work for pretty damn cheap.
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