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1436 W Fullerton Ave
Chicago, IL  60614-2031
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Mon: Closed
Tue - Sat: 12noon - 9p
Sun: 12noon - 7p

sells used bikes?: yes
sells used parts?: no
offers Active Transportation Alliance discount?: no
offers rentals?: no

A BMX store.

Supports shop team.

Has online store on their website.

More info on their MySpace page at

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UvgDrkUvZGjMeZiHY - from: '' - Rating: 5/5 - 08-Aug-13
That is not a skill,is ,that can be learned in 30 menutis,you must be old school,because thats really old school and the bike is aljo like OLD school. and you look funnyBut Im not hater,all it matter that youre happy and you ride for yourself,just keep on,and go to skateparks and
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kttbBrTFscnQqKMQhK - from: '' - Rating: 2/5 - 16-Apr-12
1L4zrN , [url=]rqlfumkmroqm[/url], [link=]dxczdedexvyf[/link],
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LdbTVuNJaatvEl - from: '' - Rating: 2/5 - 14-Apr-12
Well honestly, you dont want to buy a stock bmx bike. the best bikes out their are all cutsom. You could buy different parts and build your home, for example a sunday frame with oddysey wheel sets and other misc. decent parts. this would most deffinetly cost much more but perform alot better.And this way you could have the option of brakes or no brakes, gyro or no gyro, and your Gear ratio. But, this would probably be alot more than you can take, so, I will suggest one of Fit's new 2k10 bikes. And Deffinetly, DO NOT go with the 2hip forcedown! THat bike is complete trash. Also avoid Haro, gt, mongoose, and most other wal mart brands for that matter. Try some of those fit bikes, and I do reccomend the Fit Park 1 2010!Other good stock bike companys are Kink, DK, Hoffman, and (some) Easterns.Those can all be found on albes (the link I sent you)Hope i Helped!
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bmx - from: '' - Rating: 5/5 - 26-Jul-11
hello my name is gigay and i love liking your tits you dont give two shits because you dont diggest amd thats really sad for you bitches
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bmx - from: '' - no rating given - 11-Aug-10
I have a question, do you have bmx supply!!
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wrew - from: '' - Rating: 2/5 - 19-Nov-09
im gay and i live in chi call me
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Bad shop - from: 'Rob' - Rating: 1/5 - 09-Nov-09
they used to steal bikes and the owner was vagina very bad service here im glad they went out of business there whole little team sucks to bunch of wannabes
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Shop closed - from: '' - no rating given - 31-Mar-09
marked closed as of Jan, 2009
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My Fav in Chi - from: '' - Rating: 5/5 - 21-Mar-08
This is my favorite bike shop in Chi. There is a reason why I choose to go to Nocturnal BMX in Lincoln Park in times of need all the way from Wicker Park. I recommend this store with all my heart! I bought an awesome vintage Schwinn racer at an affordable price! They also carry BMX parts, clothing, and DVDs. The bike mechanic/owner, Jeff, is EXTREMELY helpful- expert! It's not hard to tell that he loves what he does. Listening to him talk about bikes makes me wanna love biking even more. Check out this place, by all means.
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expensive headaches - from: '' - Rating: 1/5 - 18-Feb-08
I bought a "rebuilt" motobecane mirage from these guys for about $150. I love the frame in spite of it being kind of rusty and it fits me well, but about a week after I started riding it by back wheel popped some spokes. I took it into my local shop to get it fixed and the dude told my whoever rebuilt the wheel had assembled it incorrectly. The rear wheel was a multi-to-single speed conversion and they'd put the bearing back together wrong. Part of the bearing was just constricting itself and had ultimately destroyed the hub. I had to replace the whole wheel. I have also noticed since buying the bike that the seat post is a size too small because the post bracket is bent out of shape so I had to stick a collar on it. Furthermore, half the bolts on the bike were so rounded off or stripped that I had to replace them all over the course of a year. I didn't take it back to nocturnal because I'd already found a shop that could fix it correctly. I love this frame and it treats me well, but I really wouldn't trust nocturnal for work on road bikes. maybe their bmx work is better? I certainly wouldn't buy another "rebuild" from them.
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