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3712 N Halsted St
Chicago, IL  60613-3910
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Mon-Fri 11-8
Sat 10-6
Sun 12-6

Winter: (starts in September)
Mon-Fri 11-7
Sat 10-5
Sun 12-5

sells used bikes?: no
sells used parts?: no
offers Active Transportation Alliance discount?: yes
offers rentals?: no

Brands sold:
Specialized, Cannondale, Schwinn, Giant, GT, Dahon, Haro

Full line of accessories, parts, and clothing.

Also sells exercise and triathlon clothing & equipment (including wetsuits).

Offers test rides, 30-day price protection, financing, 1-yr warranty, and lifetime guarantee on bikes. Also has free classified section on shop website for selling private cycling items.

Offers rental of Iron Case bike cases on daily, weekly, and monthy basis. Contact store for details.

Kozy's Cyclery is a 3-generation family owned and operated business.
In 1944, Kozy's opened for business as a repair shop on the south side of Chicago (location since closed). Since then, they've expanded the business to include sales, accessories, and clothing while maintaining a complete service department.

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Pull it together Kozys - from: '' - Rating: 2/5 - 27-Jan-12
Came in a few weeks ago to grab a new helmet and a couple of lights. The female salesperson was very nice and helpful. ( This is why you get a 2 Kozys otherwise it would be a 1.)

Brought my bike to the back to talk to them about removing the gears and putting on a free wheel. The guy back there was like theres nothing I can do for you because he had other bikes to work on. I told him then that I didn't need the work I just needed to know if he would be able to get the parts I needed and if I needed to switch out my wheelset....theres obviously more to what I needed then that but don't feel like getting into it on here.
The guy just gave me this look like he just had the weight of the world thrust upon him. After having to explain to a supposed expert about what I needed 20 times At this point I allready gave up and was ready to go pay for my stuff..

Nope, doesnt end there....The guy behind the counter who checked me out didnt pay any atttention to for about 5-6 minutes because he wouldn't stop talking to another associate about what they did the night before..seriously?? Apparently they were trading the weight of the world around that day cause he gave me the same "WTF are you doin in front of me look." At this point I reached my limit of customer NO-service and just paid for my stuff and left.

PS -I have many friends that ride bikes and all of them have had similar experiences but I figured I'd give it a shot. FAIL. NEVER COMING BACK HERE AGAIN.

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bike - from: '' - no rating given - 10-Nov-11
bought equipment from shop few months ago; had repair work requested; they
did'nt know that my bike was in there shop with invoice
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Go Elsewhere - from: '' - Rating: 1/5 - 20-Jul-10
I've had only bad experiences with Kozy's. When they tuned up my bike the chain later broke. When I was shopping for a road bike the salesperson was very condescending. When I came to deliver freebies on behalf of a well-known bike advocacy organization, every time the manager was "too busy" to talk to me. One friend quit after a week of working for them, saying they treat employees poorly. So long, Kozy's.
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Had some bad advice - from: '' - Rating: 2/5 - 04-Jan-10
Was sold fenders: "sure they'll fit under your rack." (no) Was sold tires that were paper thin (3 fast gravel flats). Was sold cheap tubes, one blew spontaneously at right pressure. Was sold patches "ten to the box" (there were 5). Was sold an expensive lock, promptly cut, bike stolen, then "of course! The locks just deter casual theives." At least some guys there are nice, but some are almost surly. In past, had shifters replaced, bad luck with them too. Not so happy.
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support - from: '' - Rating: 5/5 - 03-May-09
I didn't buy my bike from this location, I bought it from the location on Milwaukee. I went to this one for service on my bike a few time. Every time I went in, they were great about helping me. A few of the times they stopped what they were doing to fix my small problem. They went out of their way to fix it so I wouldn't need to buy new parts. Granted all my problems were small, the longest I had to wait was 10 minutes and I left each time without having to spend a dime.
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Salespeople are great but techs are not - from: '' - Rating: 4/5 - 10-Jul-08
With the exception of the bald guy, who [I found disagreeable], the salespeople here are WAY cool. Very laid back and totally helpful with no attitude. The techs, on the other hand, can be [unhelpful]. Granted, almost every time I'm in there I see them dealing with less than patient trixies and chads, but that's no reason to talk to everyone else like they're complete morons.
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Shock - from: '' - Rating: 5/5 - 24-May-08
I am shocked to read all the negative comments. I have had a SPE Stumpjumper for at least 5 years and have always had it serviced at kozy's on Halsted. Andres, Angel, Denny, Willy and most recently James, have all kept my stumpie not only workin, but like new. I have never left Kozy's dissatisfied with their work, and have learned so much from the guys. Get your bikes here, and when their free labor runs out, get a service contract. Thanx!
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Faking ratings & misogyny to boot - from: '' - Rating: 1/5 - 18-Oct-07
1)Don't ever buy from cycle shops that transparently boost their ratings. (see Feb 7-10, 2007)

2)When I went in, manager decided I didn't know what I was talking about, and wouldn't believe me on claims he could've verified in five seconds with a phone call or a quick check at biketraffic.org. Wouldn't honor my CBF membership, so I went to A Nearly New and got a better product for cheaper than I'd've gotten it at Kozy's. If you're a woman, then definitely don't shop here.
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Horrible service, great selection. - from: '' - Rating: 2/5 - 25-Jul-07
This location has frequently good sales on accesories and seems to stock more than the other Kozy's locations do. Same quantity of overpriced bikes, so the only real reason to shop here is to get the gear deals at season change.

The service department is horrid. I took two wheels to be trued, and they ground one of my rims down instead of properly truing that section, and neglected to even mention it. The little short guy back there thinks he's the master of bikes, but I've watched him flat out tell people lies about their bikes. I used to go here as a last resort to get service (since they are close to my house) Now I just walk the extra mile up to Johnny sprockets or uptown bikes.
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Kozy's - from: 'Bryan' - Rating: 3/5 - 25-Mar-07
they have cheaper tubes than other shops.
'bout it.

if you wanna test ride fancy road bikes, they do that too.
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shoe service - from: 'Becky' - Rating: 5/5 - 03-Mar-07
Denny corrected the placement of the cleat on my shoes and set uo a bike so that I could feel confortable. He showed me how to step into and relase myself properly from the pedal. Excellent customer service.
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Bicycle purchase - from: '' - Rating: 5/5 - 01-Mar-07
I am a first time Cozy's customer. From sales to service, this was the best bicycle purchasing experience. Miguel was knowledgable and recommended a bike that perfectly fit my needs. Denny in the service department readily added extra brakes to my bike and went beyond the demands of his job to make my experience the best. Great job guys.
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service is bad - from: '' - Rating: 1/5 - 12-Feb-07
I purchased a bike at Kozy and the initial transaction was great. I have to agree with most comments here about their terrible service dept. They are often confusedand take alot longer to service bikes than they say. Also communication between front and service is poor. They do act like they are doing you a favor by even looking at the bike.
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service - from: '' - Rating: 5/5 - 10-Feb-07
quick, efficient and very helpful
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service - from: '' - Rating: 5/5 - 09-Feb-07
Great, fast, personable service. And the service contract is a great deal.
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service - from: '' - Rating: 5/5 - 09-Feb-07
Service dept here is always helpful and knowldgeable.
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repairs - from: 'indra' - Rating: 5/5 - 09-Feb-07
good and attentive service department. will come back
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service - from: '' - Rating: 5/5 - 08-Feb-07
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Repair - from: '' - Rating: 5/5 - 08-Feb-07
nice helpful employees.
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Repair - from: '' - Rating: 5/5 - 07-Feb-07
Denny is very good. Looked out for other things on my bike than what I asked. for. Also, like service contract option here.
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Kozy Service - from: '' - Rating: 5/5 - 07-Feb-07
I've been to Kozy's twice and both times Sherdon assisted me and my friend with fitting us for a bike. He was very knowledgeable and answered all my zillions of questions. He explained the difference between all the various bike manufacturers and different aluminums used in certain bikes. He not only helped us find the right shoes and pedals he was also so nice, friendly, helpful and witty. He was just a joy to be around and I'll keep visiting Kozy for my biking needs because Sherdon goes above and beyond. That kind of customer service is hard to find these days!
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kozee's - from: '' - Rating: 2/5 - 29-Oct-06
The place smells like cabbage and their wrenches look like hell
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nasty folks - from: '' - Rating: 2/5 - 13-Sep-06
These folks are overpriced and they seem to think they're doing you a favor by working on your bike. They don't get stuff done when they say they will. There's no coordination between the service and sales department. On a recent busy Saturday, I had to stand in line three different times to pay my service bill.
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bad - from: '' - Rating: 1/5 - 30-Aug-06
The mechanics back there really don't know what they're doing or don't care. I had a cassette replaced there and had to go back because it was sticking causing the pedals to turn forward on their own. Upon looking at it one mechanic said there was nothing he could do and said I should keep my chain lubed up - and then proceeded to douse my chain in 18year old black grease of some sort. So then I talked to the manager, who came over and completely took the cassette apart and put it back together and informed me that I really shouldn't put all that grease on my chain cause stuff could stick to it... right in front of the mechanic who just splashed the stuff all over. The mechanic just looked at me and shrugged his shoulders.
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Kozy service - from: '' - Rating: 5/5 - 22-Apr-06
I have been going to Kozy's for five years and have always received excellent service. It's the only shop that lets you test ride a bike.
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Watch out for the mechanics! - from: '' - Rating: 1/5 - 07-Jun-05
Well, there are a couple of mechanics there who know what they are doing, but they seem to let trainee's work on stuff where they clearly don't know what they are doin. Two data points: One guy was trying to put my 1" crown race on with a 1-1/8 slide hammer. When the race cocked and would not go on he tried to feed me some BS about itallian headsets being a differant size. I got one of the cluefull mechanics to use the correct tool and it went on no problem. Case two: I took a frame to have the bottom bracket threads chased. Got the frame home and it had nice right-hand threads on the right side, and left-hand threads on the left. Holly Cow! Fortunately, again, one of the cluefull mechanics was able to fix it.
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Service - from: '' - Rating: 1/5 - 04-Jun-05
After being a long-time (as in decades)customer of Kozy's, I decided to take my business elsewhere after one too many bad experiences in their service department. Their mechanics will gladly fix a flat, but more complicated repairs will only be done grudgingly, if at all. I don't have time to complain to the owner every time I have a problem with mechanics, so I simply changed bike shops.
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