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1224 Chicago Ave
Evanston, IL  60202-1389
(Cook County)
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Mon, Tue, Thu: 118
Wed + Sun: CLOSED
Friday: 116

Saturday: 105

sells used bikes?: no
sells used parts?: no
offers Active Transportation Alliance discount?: yes
offers rentals?: no

Lou Kuhn, Owner

Brands sold: Cannondale, Giant, All-City, Surly & Redline

Sells complete accessories including clothes, car bike racks, bags, and child carriers.

Shop moved July, 2006. Old address: 743 Chicago Ave (2 blocks away)

This shop was last sent an information update request on November 28, 2009; but the last time they responded to a request was December 28, 2006.



expensive - from: '' - Rating: 1/5 - 09-Aug-10
I would not buy anything from here because all their products are overpriced.
Reply To This - from: '' - Rating: 1/5 - 30-Oct-09
I'm writing to warn people about the Pony Shop.

A salesman sold my wife an ill-fitting men's bike under the assurance that it would be properly fitted to her after she purchased it. It was the end of the season, and it was very obvious to me that the salesman was looking to unload any of last season's bikes.

So we bought the bike, my wife rode it a couple of times and as you can imagine, she was experiencing considerable discomfort. We brought back the bike to the same salesman who sold us a new bike seat and let us know he actually didn't know how to fit people. He told us to come back in a couple weeks so that Lou, the owner could help us.

I called Lou a couple weeks later to schedule a fitting - he was very uninterested to say the least. Lou's fitting consisted of a thirty second look at my wife on the bike and a free change of the handlebars to a heaver (ie cheaper) set. As you can imagine, that didn't work and when we called to let him know, he proceeded to diagnose my wife with "severe hand nerve damage." Funny, my sister, who is an ER doc happened to be in town, and debunked said diagnosis.

I forced my wife to bring it back one last time (at this point, she was thoroughly turned off by the Pony Shop and wanted nothing to do with it.) An again uninterested Lou promised to make some other adjustment.

I went today to pick up the bike (my wife refuses to go). No interest on the part of the Pony Shop to see my wife on the bike for a test run or anything. The owner and the staff present this morning could have cared less.

What a disappointment.

PS- The bike still hurts my wife's hands and she plans on selling it on craigslist for peanuts. Next spring we'll just go to the lame Village Cycle and buy a bike at a place were there is no pretense that the store might actually care about the customer.
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Great shop. - from: '' - Rating: 5/5 - 25-Mar-09
Great shop, the best in Evanston. Lou and Warren are a class act.
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Dangerous builds - from: '' - Rating: 1/5 - 20-Aug-08
I recently purchased a Cannondale Cyclocross bike off Craigslist (basically new/used 25 miles) that was originally purchased from this shop (receipt included in the transaction).

Everything about the bike's build was poor, if not dangerous. The wrap on the bars was unacceptable and actually constricted the brake cables to the point there was maybe 50% use available. Handlebar position was not correct. The computer was mounted poorly. But the end all, be all last straw was when my left crank arm fell off my bike while I was in the middle of a busy intersection.

A friend, who works for a shop, says everything about the build was done poorly. The crank was obviously not checked, the wrap was the worst that he has ever seen and there's no reason the bike should have ever left the shop with how the brakes were working.

Considering I could have easily been hit in the intersection yesterday I find it unacceptable that they would let this bike see the light of day.
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Didn't like phone information - from: '' - no rating given - 29-Jun-08
For the one that didn't like what bike mechanic said on phone. Even though you may not have liked what you heard from my expierience it is true. I bought a bike at another chicago shop & they sold me wrong size frame, i returned for the correct size. They also put my bike together horribly I had to have it fixed right after i bought it. The truth can hurt atleast its honest.
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pony shop is the best - from: '' - Rating: 5/5 - 16-Mar-08
The pony shop is easily the best shop in the Chicagoland area. I've been a customer for a number of years and have only great experiences.
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Great Bike Purchase Experience - from: '' - Rating: 5/5 - 24-Sep-07
bought a high end road bike from them a year ago, and they were totally patient with me in what turned out to be a long, complicated process. really knowledgable and helpful, i don't hesitate to drop in with a small problem and ask for their help. best pure bike shop on the north shore, IMHO
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Pony Shop thinks other shops are scams - from: '' - Rating: 1/5 - 25-Jul-07
I wasn't too pleased with The Pony Shop employee that answered the phone. After asking about certain bikes and asking if they could price match other local chicago bike shops, his reply was to tell me other bike shops usually assemble bikes wrong and break the components, hence the cheaper prices for the bikes. I was taken aback by this broad sweeping comment since they specifically named numerous shops in the chicago land area.
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scammers - from: '' - Rating: 1/5 - 28-Nov-06
I bought a bike there based on the recommendations of this site. The bike came with 3 free tune ups. When I took it in for the second free tune up with a flat they fixed the flat without asking me and charged me for it. I had to pay $14.53 for work I did not authorize. I can fix flats myself for far less. Watch out for these guys, they're scammers.
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It's the little things that count! - from: '' - Rating: 5/5 - 16-Jul-06
The Pony Shop offers everything that makes your Local Bike Shop such a treasured find. Along with a good selection of quality bikes, they provide first rate service with a personal touch. A case in point: last weekend, I walked in with my bike on a busy Saturday afternoon and asked for help swapping out a pair of pedals. Without a moment's hesitation, the owner himself imnmediately grabbed a wrench, did the switch, and refused to charge me a penny. Sometimes, it's the little things that count.

They just moved to a new storefront a few blocks up the street on Chicago Avenue. I recommend that you pay them a visit in their new digs!
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The Pony Shop - from: '' - Rating: 5/5 - 22-May-06
I have had consistently good experiences with their mechanics over the years. In fact, I've gone to them to have damage done to my bike by one of their Evanston competitors corrected. They've also been happy to order parts for a brand of bike they do not carry when the dealer for the bike (the same said Evanston competitor) would not.
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excellent service - from: '' - Rating: 5/5 - 05-Sep-05
I've been bringing my bikes to the Pony Shop for several years now. They've always been friendly and helpful. Their mechanics are excellent, and turnaround times are quick. I've been very pleased with their service and have recommended them to many friends. I also buy some accessories there - good quality stuff!
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My favorite bike shop - from: '' - Rating: 5/5 - 20-Jun-05
I've been doing business with The Pony Shop for nearly 10 years now. They love to get to know you, they don't oversell and their mechanics are very good at their craft. Despite the occasional charge I hear that their prices are high (probably because they don't sell much that's truly low-end), I usually find that the final costs when I shop there are lower than when I shop online. What more can one ask of a bike shop? I'm pleased to recommend them!
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