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310 Lake St
Oak Park, IL  60302-2641
(Cook County)
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Mon-Fri: 11:30am - 8:30pm
Sat: 11:30am - 6pm
Sun: closed

Winter (November/December - March):
Mon, Wed, Thu, Fri 11:30am - 8:30pm
Tue, Sat: 11:30am - 6:00pm
Sun closed

sells used bikes?: no
sells used parts?: no
offers Active Transportation Alliance discount?: no
offers rentals?: no

Open since 1929.

Brands sold: Terry, Lightspeed, Waterford, Gunnar, Surly, Dean, Calfee, Aegis. Specialize in Road and Cyclocross bicycles.

Sells all types of accessories including shoes and clothing.

Sells custom built bikes and wheels. Specialize in performance upgrades.

Has large online business selling a huge variety of accessories.
Has online email form.

This shop was last sent an information update request on November 28, 2009; but the last time they responded to a request was June 24, 2006.



not for the un-initiated - from: '' - Rating: 5/5 - 30-Jun-08
Very quirky, yes, and absolutely no-nonsense. Certainly no high pressure sales environment. Lickton's seems to cater to bicycle enthusiasts with a certain minimum amount of experience and proper attitude, and you have to ask the right questions to get useful answers. It's definitely not a place I'd send my mom for help picking out a new bike for herself. If you make the cut, however, they'll bend over backwards to help out. In the 8 years I've been going there I'm not sure that I've spent more than $100 total, but they always take lots of time to answer all my questions and walk me through the detailed repair I'm about to attempt with the the $7 tool I'm buying. I love this place.
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Lickton's - from: '' - Rating: 2/5 - 07-Oct-07
I have mixed feelings about this place. Like most of Oak Park, it lives in a world all its own. This is a parts store, not a bike shop. Anything that you will want is hidden in back. And expect to spend a long time completing a sale. But they do have the best prices I have seen on Campy and Shimano parts.
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Service - from: '' - Rating: 1/5 - 15-Aug-06
This place should not even have a storefront - They are way more interested in making a few extra bucks on shipping/handling than they are in addressing customer needs for those unfortunate enough to walk in expecting anything in the way of help.

I live just blocks from them, and I go WAY out of my way to avoid them. If they don't want customer contact, they should just close the doors to the shop and be a mail-order business, but treating their customers like nuisances and distractions is not going to win them any loyalty or repeat business.

I've given them several chances over the past 20 years (far more than I should have), and every experience left me angry, and wishing I didn't need the part right away (which is what brought me there in the first place).

I now plan ahead a bit and go elsewhere or order elsewhere. The can pound their catalog up their downtube...
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no non-sense - from: '' - Rating: 4/5 - 26-Feb-06
Ah , Lickton's. Bicycle agora for the agoraphobic/sales-allergic. Staying true to cycling culture circa 1973, you won't find anything resembling a mountain bike or hybrid here. The only newcomer I can imagine them being willing to help is someone who's just gotten stoked watching Breaking Away. Sales staff mostly stays behind the counter, fielding phone orders on portable headsets, though they're very willing to help you if you know what you want, not that there's much to see in the decrepit peg-board display cases. Their website's where it's at, and that's what makes Lickton's such a damn good resource for those in the know. Prices are very competitive with online retailers and chains, usually better, and they actually write their own copy for every product, often including hints and personal experience. They ship within Illinois for free, but if you need it bad enough to hop on the green line, you can have the part in your hands the same day. And if it's in the QBP catalog though not on their website, I've found them to have a smaller standard markup than anywhere else. Shipping for such items takes about 4-5 business days. Website items seem to always be in stock at the storefront, though this seems unbelievable to me right now. Oak Park feels more like Indiana than Chicago, reinforcing the Breaking Away ethos. Yes, Lickton's proves that as modernity erodes one's sense of place, the Internet can subsidize little pockets of anachronism. Everything old is made new again! You should buy lots of over-priced Assos clothing there so I can continue to get small parts for cheap when I need them.
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